Support for the Injured

Funds from the Foundation have been distributed to individuals who were injured by or witnessed the car attack. $600,000 has been distributed to date to help individuals fill gaps where they have expenses due to injury and loss of income, including housing, insurance and car payments, utilities, child care, food, and physical therapy. A dedicated Navigator is helping survivors transition to more sustainable sources of support.

The graph below shows how support was distributed:

“I was injured in the August 12 car attack. I sustained two spinal fractures, a broken rib, and a severely fractured leg. The Heal Charlottesville Fund is covering many of my expenses while I heal. The Heal Fund pays for my rent, utilities, phone bill, chiropractor, and other expenses. I am so incredibly grateful for their help. I have had three surgeries so far and will be having a fourth surgery next month. Healing from the car attack has been an exhausting and painful process. I am so grateful that I can count on the Heal Fund to help with my expenses until I'm able to return to work. It has relieved a lot of stress to have my finances covered.” – Survivor of the Car Attack