End of Year Giving Deadlines

  • The deadline to request distributions to be processed before the year’s end is the close of business on Tuesday, December 19th. Any distribution requests made after this time will be processed during the first week in January.
  • For contributions to be credited for 2023, checks or securities must be postmarked or received by December 31st. We strongly suggest you make your contribution via ACH or wire transfer if you are concerned about mail delivery and please initiate any such contributions as soon as possible to avoid any last-minute panic.  

We Are All Connected

As your community foundation, we are honored to be part of a legacy of generosity that is rooted in a keen awareness of our interconnectedness as people sharing a place and time.

Our founders were convinced that we all have an obligation to offer our resources to collectively ensure that our neighbors – whose current condition is necessarily intertwined with ours – have basic amenities, opportunity, enrichment, and compassionate care. We consider this our calling.