Community Foundation Welcomes Two New Team Members

The Charlottesville Area Community Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of two new team members. Aiyana Marcus joined the Foundation as Programs Manager on January 7, and Latibe Seidou began her role as Executive Assistant on January 14.

Marcus brings significant experience in the nonprofit sector to her new role as Programs Manager. A Certified Nonprofit Professional, she previously worked for nonprofit organizations and as Program Officer for the Dayton Foundation in Dayton, Ohio. At the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, Marcus will be responsible for managing large grant programs, including the Strengthening Systems and Shaping Futures programs. A Cum Laude graduate of The Ohio State University, she has also been a playwright, producer, director, choreographer and dancer in a series of original plays and dance productions exploring poverty, race relations, single motherhood and the cultural experiences of black peoples.

“Aiyana has been planning to relocate to Charlottesville and has already built relationships with local community and nonprofit leaders, who are excited for her to join our community,” says Director of Programs Eboni Bugg. “She has a strong background in grassroots community work, trust-building and nonprofit collaboration, and she’s been a leader in community conversations about equity.”

Latibe Seidou most recently worked in a similar role at the Focused Ultrasound Foundation in Charlottesville, before joining the Foundation team as Executive Assistant. Throughout her almost 20-year career, Seidou has served in executive administration roles in Charlottesville, Washington DC, Northern Virginia and New Jersey. Fluent in French, she holds degrees from the University of Benin, Togo.

“I am delighted to welcome Latibe to the Community Foundation — she brings a wealth of experience and talent to our organization with her excellent, organizational, administrative and event-planning skills,” says Brennan Gould, President and CEO. “Her past colleagues describe her as highly professional, personable and extremely trustworthy.”

This spring, the Community Foundation will be recruiting a Director of Advancement and a Communications Manager. Updates about these opportunities will be available on the Foundation’s website.