Allen Opportunity Scholarship

The Elizabeth and Greg Allen Opportunity Scholarship is for Charlottesville High School seniors who will be attending a two-year community college or four-year university as full-time students. This scholarship was established to assist Charlottesville seniors, particularly prospective first generation college students, to achieve their dream of earning a college degree.  Elizabeth and Greg Allen hope that this program will expand opportunities for scholarship recipients to reach their personal and professional goals and make a difference for future generations and the community.  

The selection committee will choose three students to receive $10,000 scholarships annually for up to four years.  

Charlottesville Scholarship Program 

Charlottesville Promise Scholarship

The Charlottesville Promise Scholarship is a multi-year award that can fund up to $13,000 of the cost of a two or four year undergraduate degree, or a vocational training/professional certificate program at an accredited technical school. Charlottesville Scholarship Program typically awards nine new scholarships each year to seniors attending Charlottesville High School, one potential new scholarship each year to a graduating high school senior residing in Charlottesville City and attending an alternative or non-traditional learning centers listed here, and one potential new scholarship each year to an eligible adult student currently attending or planning to enroll in a post-secondary undergraduate program or vocational training/professional certification program at an accredited technical school.   

Scarpa Arts & Design Scholarships

The Scarpa Arts & Design Scholarship is a multi-year award funding up to $13,000 of the cost of a two or four year undergraduate degree.  This scholarship is designated for students pursuing degrees in fashion, theater, architecture, design or the arts.  Students planning to pursue vocational school studies may apply only if there is a clear fit with these designated areas of study.  Special preference will be given to applicants from low-income households.  While adult applicants will be considered for these scholarships, graduating high school senior applicants are preferred.  One new Scarpa Arts & Design Scholarship will be offered every other year, beginning in 2024.  

Preston Coiner Scholarship

The Preston Coiner Scholarship is a multi-year award administered through the Charlottesville Scholarship Program. Based on funding availability, the award may be used for a two or four year undergraduate program. Only one award is available in any given year. Open to students attending all Charlottesville City and Albemarle County public and private high schools.  

For more information about the Charlottesville Scholarship Program, please visit, call (434) 987-8338, or email

Charlottesville 12 Scholarship

The Charlottesville 12 Scholarship is a one-time $5,000 scholarship established by Sandra Wicks Lewis for the purpose of supporting a graduating high school senior at Charlottesville High School who will be entering an accredited, not for profit, four-year college or university. 

The designation, Charlottesville 12, was coined by Ann Wicks Carter of Our Legacy, Inc. Charlottesville to honor the 12 students who integrated Venable Elementary School and the formerly-named Lane High School on September 12, 1959. In keeping with the aspirations of the parents of these children, the goal of this scholarship is to give deserving students an opportunity to attend the best educational institution they desire without regard to race or ethnicity. 

Celebration of Teachers

The Celebration of Teachers Award is a one-time $1,000 scholarship open to seniors attending Fluvanna High School who are pursuing a degree in teaching.

To apply, contact the Fluvanna High School Scholarship Director.

Emily Couric Leadership Scholarship

The Emily Couric Leadership Forum established the Emily Couric Leadership Scholarship in 2000 to acknowledge and encourage young women in leadership roles, while honoring the memory of State Senator Emily Couric, who epitomized a passionate commitment to lifelong learning and public service. Each year, the Emily Couric Leadership Forum recognizes 11 young women leaders – one senior nominated from each area high school in Charlottesville and Albemarle County – who are making an impact in their communities.  The winner is chosen by a selection committee comprised of community leaders.

There is no application process as students are nominated by their high school.

To learn more about the Emily Couric Leadership Scholarship, visit

Grace Tinsley Scholarship Fund

Grace Tinsley Scholarship is given to honor the life and work of a wonderful community activist and leader, Grace Tinsley, who had a life-long passion for social justice. The scholarship is awarded to Charlottesville High School seniors who demonstrate leadership skills, community service participation, courage, humor, problem solving skills, and perseverance. Four new scholarships are typically awarded each year for a student’s first and second years of college.

To learn more about this scholarship, visit For questions about the scholarship call (434) 987-8338 or email

Grandmother’s Fund

The Grandmother’s Fund awards a $4,500 scholarship to an African American young woman at Charlottesville High School who has made contributions overlooked by many scholarship opportunities. 

This scholarship is selected by the CHS Scholarship Committee. 

Kelly Hanson Watt Memorial Scholarship

The Kelly Hanson Watt scholarship was established in memory of Kelly Hansen Watt, who loved sports and sports journalism. This scholarship provides a $7,000 award to a graduating student athlete from Albemarle High School.

To learn more about the Kelly Watt Memorial Scholarship, visit

For more information, please reach out to the Albemarle High School Scholarship Coordinator.  

Paul W. Bragg Scholarship

The Paul W. Bragg Scholarship Fund, established in October 2005, is intended to provide undergraduate college assistance based on both need and merit to graduates of Fluvanna County High School. Mr. Bragg was a life-long resident of Fluvanna County. Upon his death in 2003, he bequeathed the bulk of his estate to the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation and directed the foundation to establish a scholarship fund for Fluvanna County High School seniors who wish to pursue higher education. The following scholarships are available as part of this fund:

The Paul W. Bragg Scholarship – One $40,000 scholarship will be awarded over a four-year period. The awardee must provide proof of enrollment and demonstrate acceptable progress each year before future installments are deposited into the student’s school fund.  
Four-Year College Bragg Scholarships – $10,000 scholarships will be awarded to students planning on immediately continuing their education after high school at an accredited four-year college or university. 
College Bragg Scholarships– $5,000 scholarships will be awarded to students planning on immediately continuing their education after high school at an accredited two or four-year college or university.  
Continuing Education Bragg Scholarships – $2,000 scholarships will be awarded for students planning on immediately continuing their education after high school at an accredited community college, technical school, or four-year university. 

Robert & Barbara Barton Scholarship 

The Robert and Barbara Barton scholarship was established in honor of long-time teacher Robert Barton. This $6,000 scholarship is awarded to Nelson County High School students demonstrating economic need and a record of excellence in history and/or English literature, and an interest in pursuing either or both subjects in secondary education.  

To apply, contact the Nelson County High School guidance office.

Smyth Education Fund Scholarship

The Smyth Education Fund Scholarship provides graduating seniors of Nelson County High School either a one-time or four-year award to further their education at the college level. Awards are renewable for up to four years as long as students fulfill the requirements set forth in the award letter. Applicants should demonstrate a record of proven academic ability and a strong desire to succeed in college. 

To apply, contact the Nelson County High School guidance office.

For more information about our scholarships, or to establish a new scholarship, contact Chaquita Venable at