Spotlight: Caleb, Chemistry and Calculus

Since Caleb’s story was featured at the Community Foundation lunch earlier this year, a number of people came forward to assist and advise him with work and educational opportunities. He is now currently enrolled at PVCC and he is genuinely excited about his classes: Chemistry, Calculus, and English. After working all summer at Faulconor Construction he decided Engineering is the best focus for him because he was fascinated by the projects. He earned valuable overtime hours to pay the first year of his tuition himself in full. Caleb is applying to join the student government association and the engineering club. He’s also contacting local civil engineering companies to volunteer as an unpaid intern for 5-10 hours a week. And on top of all that, he’s working on the weekends to help his parents out. 

Caleb is determined to get all A’s this semester and throughout the year so he can transfer to UVA next year or the year after.