Watch Our Investments Update Webinar

As Jim Beckett wryly noted, during our Investments Update webinar on October 13, “It’s been an interesting time.” So to check in our investments and look to the future, we gathered members of the Community Foundation’s Investment Committee and Wells Fargo Private Bank. Our panelists included Kristina Koutrakas, portfolio strategy director for the Virginia Retirement System; Alice Handy, founder and former CEO of Investure; Kristin Henningsen, managing director of CornerStone Partners; Frederick Nolde, director, Investure; and Beckett, an investment advisor at Wells Fargo.

“This webinar was a welcome opportunity to connect our fundholders with those who guide the investment practice of the Community Foundation,” Jan Dorman, director of finance, said, adding that the subsequent questions and suggestions from fundholders help shape policy. Watching a recording of the webinar and examine Beckett’s slides.